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Indonesian the smallest smoke child smoke smoke of give up of commitment of government of 2 packets of smoke 1 day to send a car

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Two years old of smoke civilian should smoke two packets of cigarette everyday

Di Leizaer seeing A the look that bestride catchs cigarette in his pram begin, take off the figure of driver of a middleaged truck alive.

But who can think of, he has two years old only this year, want to smoke two packets of cigarette unexpectedly everyday. Because a craving for tobacco is too big, his health already very debatable. His weight is overweight, barely walks, can go up in pram only with other child an angle amuse oneself.


Do not have smoke to smoke

Two years old of child child will be giddy disgusting

Local government ever was opposite parental promise of A Di: If they allow smoke of give up of small A Di, reward their home a car. Dan Adi's parents wins this to fly feebly ill-gotten wealth, because, if they do not give smoke of small A Di to smoke, he can resemble sending mad like be furious.

Maternal Dianna of A Di this year 26 years old, she cries to say at the same time at the same time: "A Di smoking already addiction. If do not have smoke to smoke, he will be very angry, he initiates fire to be able to scream take a head to hit a wall at the same time at the same time. He tells me, if do not smoke, he can feel dizziness is mixed disgusting. He can feel dizziness is mixed disgusting..

A Di smokes the cigarette of a brand only, his a craving for tobacco lets his parents want to spend 3.78 pound to buy smoke to him everyday.
Remember, this is save in the Sumatra austral Indonesia, this charge is average household double of average day income.

Nevertheless, a Di's father, mohanmude says fishmonger of 30 years old: "Look in me, a Di is very healthy, I do not understand this has what problem. " Mohanmude fosters A Di's a craving for tobacco, in A Di 1 year old half when, the Mohanmude that serves as father gave his smoke to smoke, who knows A Di from now on addiction, also cannot leave cigarette again.

Of Indonesian 1/4 little had smoked cigarette

A Di's problem indicated a current situation that makes a person anxious very much. Statistical data shows, indonesian 3 those who arrive 15 years old is little 25% have smoke cigarette, the person that smoke actively among them is achieved 3.2% .

In March, youTube ever still had appeared a video that mouth of 4 years old of Indonesian boys spits smoke to encircle, because cause numerous anger, video is deleted very quickly.

Children right advocate once issued a warning, secondhand the health that smoke endangered children already badly, indonesian about the person of 1/3 smokes, and cigarette price is very cheap.

Indonesian children protects committee chairman Lai door says, the parents of those ad that have allure extremely and smoking is the culprit that children is poisonned by cigarette.

He says: "This country is badly in need of introducing children of a protection and the legislation of the person that passivity smokes. " nicotian industry developeds

Indonesian ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade is not easy

Indonesian last year through hygiene makes, admit smoking is met formally addiction. One turns over smoking alliance to driving governmental formulate law to prohibit smoking in communal circumstance, prohibit making cigarette advertisement and must indicate in cigarette bag mount the smoking harm to health.

But because be come from the powerful obstruction of nicotian course of study, draft accusing smoke is current already at a stand.

Curule made of baked clay Hu Di expresses Indonesian industry ministry, the government has adopted measure to limit smoke civilian number, include to reduce the yield of cigarette 240 billion of this year from 245 billion of last year among them.

He says: "The government had noticed the smoking harm to health, taking step hard, include to reduce incense smoke among them crop and raise nicotian taxation to wait. Include to reduce incense smoke among them crop and raise nicotian taxation to wait..

Lai door says to prohibit cigarette ad is the crucial step that controls teenage smoking. He says: "If can't help stopping cigarette ad, can still more and more children are affected, lie under the menace of cigarette. Lie under the menace of cigarette..

The month on the cigarette ad that nowhere is absent suffers a blow and a shout-sharp warning, below the protest that opposes smoking party, a nicotian company was forced to recall the assistance of concert of popular to star.

However, in the world grass of the 3rd opium consumes big country Indonesian ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade is special difficulty.

How Tubagusi Harlow Kabi is held in the palm is member of committee of Indonesian nation ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, he says to want to be in Indonesian ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade, must change the social environment that brings about smoking, for instance domestic influence is mixed the companion's pressure.

Favour of Indonesian and wholesome minister admits when Ningsi of · Xi Diya, letting adolescent do not smoke is a very difficult issue, the money award of the fellowship because of a lot of schools and student sports match is sponsorred by nicotian company.

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