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Other persuades to destroy smoke speaks to chop inside elevator

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: "Gentleman, bother you to drop smoke extinguish. " on October 3 afternoon, the the Changsha City decides edifice of king stage phoenix, ceng Jun won't think of, an advice draws on the kitchen knife brandish of smoking man unexpectedly.
The man persuades to destroy in elevator smoke
Ceng Jun of 37 years old is Guangdong Shenzhen person, shao of ancestral home Hunan is in relief, national Day long holiday comes Changsha visits a cousin.
On October 3 afternoon at 3 o'clock, after Ceng Jun and cousin path are fastened, preparation sets out return Shenzhen. Ceng Jun opens cousin door, as it happens meets a pair of men and womens opposite side to go out. The edifice of phoenix of calm king stage that Ceng Jun cousin lives is a commercial building, greet everyday send past move all kinds of people, dan Cengjun is very affirmative, this pair of encountered men and womens are resident of face each other. Immediately, they received lift together.
"Elevator door shuts, the man begins to smoke. " Ceng Jun says, there is sign of clear ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade in elevator. Meet Ceng Jun to show without discrepancy, the man's chaperon ever was persuaded " smoke extinguish cough up " , man however rise superior to, it is chill very.
The elevator of this building arrives only 3 buildings, they are obliged change another elevator be issued to lower levels. Before change, ceng Jun sees man finger tip still is placing smoke, said: "Gentleman, bother you to drop smoke extinguish " . The word is exported, man fire, follow Ceng Jun to arrive negative first floor, scold him all the time.
Ceng Jun also cannot help, time scolded him a few. Chaperon persuaded a man to be not scolded, he does not agree, return minatory Ceng Jun: See you dare give this lift?
"Smoking male " chop the person that encourage smoke madly
See the man is unreasonable, ceng Jun is pestered with its no longer, roll a car that moves toward oneself. His absolutely cannot think of, can produce the issue that makes him unthinkable next.
"My face about went to be less than a minute, was chopped. " Ceng Jun says, the first knife falls on his left hand, the person that throw a person is " smoke male " . Ceng Jun conveniently collected defend oneself of root iron rod, but " smoking male " picture mad atttack him euqally, iron rod is not kept out at all.
Dozen do not win, ceng Jun is forced to run. He wantons round subterranean parking lot run, conveniently takes the thing that sees so that see to block a knife, but " smoking male " chasing after all the time however chop.
See somebody fights, the village is very much owner runs mediate, but of no help. Ceng Jun is pressed 3 times, run in a restaurant of the parking lot to hide finally, but " smoking male " one foot opens door kick, continue to chop him.
Subsequently, as a result of many and exsanguine, ceng Jun already mind is not clear. Wait for him to awake, already was the following day in the morning, his hand ministry tendon, hand bone ruptures.
Rescue escape from a danger of 5 hours of ability
8 days afternoon, the doctor Liao Xinhua that saves people hospital to achieve thaumatology introduces, ceng Jun besides get hurt the most serious hand ministry, abdominal, back, the knife wound such as the head reachs ten point, at that time fully rescue 5 hours just break away from life danger.
The person that injure a person at present already escaped. Afternoon at 2 o'clock, policeman of market police station comes to a hospital undertake noting to Ceng Jun, say to strive for at an early date crack a criminal case. Stem from measurement of penalty will consider henceforth, suggest Ceng Jun is done disable appraisal.
After the event, ceng Jun listens the cousin says, the man that throw a person is the neighbour of cousin face each other, also do not have attrition with the cousin at ordinary times. The knife that he throws a person is taken from security personnel room, it is to cook at ordinary times used kitchen knife.
Look at bruise of him all over the body, ceng Jun says frankly " fear after the event " , he also did not tell this matter father and mother up to now. Ask about still will persuade a person not to smoke henceforth, ceng Jun shakes his head gently: "I do not have a law to answer you, can forced smile. "
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