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Yunnan the first longlived person 120 years old everyday smoke does not leave a hand

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Current, in Yunnan on this land, of be still living and in good health most the dram that elder helps bottom country for general of county of hill of tribute of angry river city bends an old person, this year on May 3, the birthday that she spent herself 120 years old, such longevity also is a miracle on alive bound.
   The old person is born at quiet 1893 day between Guang Xunian, spanned 3 centuries, lifetime soil, symbiosis has 9 sons, the young son Yu Shourong that what at present only is still living and in good health is her 60 years old, yu Shourong has 3 sons, namely the grandchildren with curved dram, the biggest have 37 years old. The old person has 3 heavy grandchildren and great-granddaughter, live 4 worlds to be the same as the life of hall now.
   Yu Shourong says, of the mother healthy, never had given birth to a serious illness, catch a cold on occasion, take bit of drug, be defeated by infusion very fast good. Up to now this 100 years old of old people still " idle does not live " , when busy season, still can help younger generation people feed a swine, feed chicken, mow. "The mother is the person with a very broad breadth of mind, be done not have for years so and the person has quarrelled, had been troubled by contradiction, who had displeased, encounter not happy thing to sleep she forgot shut-eye. Encounter not happy thing to sleep she forgot shut-eye..
   Dram curved diet is delicate, "What eats " , it is congee for the most part, green vegetables, qiao face cake, still eat bit of meat occasionally, never carry feed; Daily life also has the law very much, got up at 8 o'clock in the morning, after getting up, sweep sweep the floor. Ate breakfast at 9 o'clock, it is to drink congee of bowl of one smaller part commonly, eat a cake, or soup of the egg that drink a bowl. What lunch eats is half bowls of rice, a few green vegetables and flesh. After eating lunch, siesta half hour. Had dinner at 6 o'clock in the evening. Eat Qiao face cake commonly, small greens and a few flesh.
   Want to say to have what hobby, it is she wants to drink on a bit wine everyday -- the rice wine that local likes to drink. Nevertheless, she drinks very abstemious, be in only drink 9 wine in the evening everyday, encounter a red-letter day or birthday, drink at most 19.
   In addition, this old person still has a continuance the habits and customs of hundred years -- smoke tobacco. "My mother begins 18 years old to learning to smoke, oneself cultivate the cigarette that smoke, the insolation after cutting into shreds, almost smoke does not leave a hand. She rises every morning, before sleeping in the evening, should smoke, do farm work to also be smoked at ordinary times. "
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