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The student buys smoke to still can enjoy discount privilege

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: The reporter received newspaper stuff to say a few days ago, store of mill of ongoing journey Number One Scholar has sea bead area person much store is violated to the high school student compasses sell cigarette, there is no lack of among the person that buy smoke first 3 to tall the student of one.
   The reporter came recently person stay at a selected grass-roots unit to help improve its work and gain first hand experience for guiding overall work before much door, did not pass how long, discover dress school uniform two male two female come person much store buys smoke, the male survival that wears glasses nods smoke to be sucked in the street.
   Expect according to the newspaper the person discloses, once he comes person buy smoke more, discover merchant much give change buys the schoolgirl of field mint smoke to two, fine ask under, merchant just says " the company stipulates the student buys smoke to have privilege " . In the reporter dark in visitting, merchant expresses: "The student did not consume ability, sell smoke to want petty gain of course. Sell smoke to want petty gain of course..
   The lane that is on the side of middle school of experiment of sea bead area child in, the reporter sees small person there are a few youths on the side of much store, have T-shirt of gray of two people dress among them, black trousers, additionally two people are wearing white jacket, the school uniform of brunet trousers, 4 people unite the shoe of norms in dress school uniform.
   A few people are surrounded sit by a small table, there is a tobacco on the table, there is a cigarette to be in in the young hand that wears gray T-shirt blow a cloud. Before the reporter goes up, go asking cigarette is bought where, they answer even if what the taxi buys in many inn is in on the side.
   However, the reporter comes to this again yesterday much store of person of wife and children, vigilant small shop boss had been in on bar since vertical stroke " prohibit be born to middle and primary school, minor sells cigarette " billboard. The boss says: "We do not sell cigarette to the student, the entrance also does not sell cigarette here. The entrance also does not sell cigarette here..
   "The member that discover a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest of student smoking street should check "
   Yesterday, laoshi Chen of office of middle school of experiment of sea bead area expresses, the school is caught very severely to school spirit in recent years, basically cannot have seen the student smoked now. If discover the student smokes inside school,can undertake the bulletin inside school nevertheless, have alone education to the student by the teacher.
   Mr. Chen says, the school and street have collaboration, if the student smoked to be discovered by street staff member in outside school, street staff member should check. But Laoshi Chen expresses, prohibit the student still basically wants to rely on him student in outside school smoking self-conscious.
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