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The man borrows smoke not to give the disclose that take a knife the person

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: The man gets online in the Internet bar when, borrow smoke to meet with to adjacent desk after refus, hold injury of disclose of knife general other unexpectedly. Recently, court of the numerous people that bring a district with harming a blame intentionally, sentence week of the accused person some 6 months set term of imprisonment.
   It is reported, late on March 12 this year 11 when make, zhou Mou is in wide bring Ou Xinna market an Internet bar gets online, to neighbour Cheng Mou wants smoke to smoke during, cheng Mou does not give, two people produce brawl. Zhou Mou takes out a broadsword subsequently, tap Cheng Mou head with knife handle, catch in pulling, after Zhou Mou holds a knife to hurt Cheng Mou disclose, escape. Classics appraisal, cheng Mou injures degree to be flesh wound.
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