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Go out repast seeks smokeless dining room need not anxious

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Are you still in be repast seeks smokeless dining room and anxious to go out? Now, a mobile phone software that searchs smokeless dining-room technically can give big help go up. Yesterday, civilian environmental protection organizes natural university to release a name to be " Chinese smokeless house " mobile phone application (APP) , beijing and Kunming are close 1000 smokeless dining-room first " login " , can try to locate sth by following up a clue before citizen repast.
   Natural university and its partner Yunnan exceed Yi fitness referral center to organize the volunteer of much home college, ask ask and the form that visit on the spot with the phone, investigated Beijing and Kunming city in all thousands of dining-room, discovered much home and many 100 700 smokeless dining-room in two cities respectively. On this foundation, this year in September, natural university developed the system that install eminent and IOS system (malic mobile phone) " Chinese smokeless house " mobile phone application.
   After entry APP, the user can be searched according to the map, dish department chooses or the means of direct search dining-room chooses dining hall. New smokeless restaurant is founded after the smokeless dining-room that the user still can be beside discovery.
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