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Does cigarette still have the magical effect that build a car are you believed?

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Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Well-known smoking is harmful and healthy, but cigarette has a few magical effect however in vehicle maintenance and repair, the person that knows at this o'clock is not much still. Cigarette not only can use diagnostic breakdown, and still can use it to be in the lash-up when suffer a condition to restrict or coming below the situation with particularly urgent task.

Examination valve sealing can check spiracle and the sealing that enrage portal with the law that blow smoke. Abrade good valve is abluent put spiracle conduit by order inside, withstand with hand or appropriate tool spiracle, smoke a cigarette next, blow smoke to nozzle of already abluent the Qi that take energy of life and exhaust Qi nozzle, with nozzle of mouth joint Qi not leak is a principle. Watch at the same time whether is there smoke to appear between spiracle and gas portal come, if do not have smoke to appear, explain this valve sealing is good, answer otherwise new and abrade.

Check oil path, spirit way is usable the law that blow smoke checks carburettor each oil duct is expedite. The oil path of carburettor, vacuum tube road is more, import carburettor especially, need to use after cleaning carburettor normally compress gas to blow, but after all what oil duct or true air path are blown truly connected, handlers is judged very hard, and the appearance that creates repair accordingly is not little also. If can make clear with the law that blow smoke whether each oil path or spirit way are expedite easily.

For example, one carburettor car does not have idle fast, ravel carburettor abluent, blow with gas dry, blow after connecting, blow smoke with a tube, first from idle fast oil measures aperture, arrive again idle fast ventage, final aerosol from carburettor idle fast mixture gas adjusts screw to be in leakage, just calculate idle fast oil duct and air path are expedite, answer to be checked afresh again otherwise, until appear till aerosol.

Same, still can check transmission with the law that blow smoke, rear carapace, the blowhole on steering gear carapace and engine crankcase gas are one-way a powerful person is expedite, give the overhaul according to the circumstance next or change. Above if these components jam, will make internal pressure elevatory, bring about each relevant place leakage easily oily and cause trouble. Cigarette ash can make abrasive cigarette ash is a kind of better abrasive.

Repairing car carburettor, import the carburettor of the car especially, constant regular meeting encounters trigonometry needle to wear away and buy not easily, can deserve to nod engine oil to serve as abrasive with cigarette ash at this moment, undertake to trigonometry needle and trigonometry needle valve base abrade, will obtain relatively satisfactory result.

Cut tobacco but if encounter cistern,shot-off of loss is in in road of drive a vehicle the lash-up when slack and usable cut tobacco comes. Use water tank of hand vice general above all slack bigger carbon fin clip is flat, twist boiled water box to add water mouth to build next, tear open next thermostat at the same time, knead cut tobacco then broken, be in from the mouth that add water in cistern, start engine finally, use respectively low, in, high speed runs, the cut tobacco that such enter putting can is in by adsorption cistern core runs slack office. See when examine cistern is slack be blocked up left, had built shell of the mouth that add water, can travel. But those who need an attention is this can be to use as only lash-up, answer water of ugly application maximum pressure to clean complete solder to build water tank.

Besides, the lash-up when usable still cut tobacco comes bleeds at local small area. Be engaged in steam trimming the job, lacerate nods flesh, blood drifting a point does not calculate curious. After bleeding, if use clean sweet cut tobacco to undertake to cut apply is built, can rise temporarily hemostatic the action with analgesia.

Filter tip can use the filter tip that makes lubricant felt use tobacco to be able to replace the lubricant felt on ignition distributor cam temporarily. The filter tip that gets on cigarette head above all shucks the paper outside, right amount filter tip silk a place of strategic importance receives metal of raw wool felt inside clip, show spare part to be able to be cut with scissors neat, be in next substitute a few engine oil drip on felt can. Above when, it is the working practice that the author comes to for years, consult for person of the same trades only.

But the following should notice when the operation: Want to use filter tip tobacco, if use the tobacco that does not take filter tip, cut tobacco is possible by interior of inbreathe spare parts; Safe fire prevention should note when smoking, should prevent cigarette ash to come loose at the same time in accurate kinematic pair.

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