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View the rule that Japan smokes

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Headed for day of Ben Fugang to make an on-the-spot investigation last year, right over there impression is the deepest is not what tourist attraction, however place the manner to smoking. I do not smoke, but small good fortune of the person of the same trade is a smoke do not leave a hand " stem " . The smoke exhaust that because be in,home brings, small Fu Gang arrives to be in the place of smoke of look about carry out, good not easy see in the corner of a bazaar one each uses cigarette sale machine, small good fortune ground of too impatient to wait drops a piece of yen, but throw money a few times,be spat to come by the machine.
   How is this to return a responsibility? Small good fortune is caught a bit mad, knocked toward machine of carry out cigarette. At that time, one looked to walk over like the man that is bazaar administrator, he treats this condition, understood completely. See he takes out a piece of card only, brush on that machine, next signal small good fortune throws money. Ha, god! This the machine spat a packet of cigarette very quickly. Original, japanese government smokes to prevent minor, stipulate smoke civilian must do a piece of intelligence to get stuck, card should be brushed first when buying smoke, the proof is already grown, just can cast money buy smoke next.
   Go on the ave, small good fortune a smoke, prepare beautiful beautiful ground " blow a cloud " . Did not think of to just suck, the view that there is a lot of person to use a kind of gravity all round looks, was like him to commit what monstrous crime. Small good fortune does not grant to pay attention to, continue persist one's old ways, smoke at the same time on foot at the same time.
   At that time, a woman that wears an uniform walked over, look resembling is the security personnel in business mansion. We do not know Japanese, her English also is not very clever light, but see from her limbs movement, her meaning is probably cannot smoke in order to be on the ave, especially cannot enough edge walks along roadside to smoke. Finally, she points to another direction of the ave, there is the place that can smoke over there means.
   Small good fortune very feel embarrassed ground clutch drops smoke, bow apology, move toward that place that she indicates next. That is sail of a cumshaw, many men that wear business suit to make tie are standing inside to smoke. Original, in Japan smoking must want come inside such smoking room, and the equipment that here appeared to use what spy to fasten, smoke won't spread come out, smoke flavour is besides a few paces also be not heard almost. Here, small good fortune can smoke a cigarette racily eventually.
   Later, the tourist guide tells us, be in Japan, be in public prohibit smoking. Especially outdoors, imprinting even the metropolis on the ground " smoking, ask a look before you leap " if, japanese law is to prohibit smoking at the same time on foot at the same time more. This one regulation lets us feel very fancy. The tourist guide says, when walking, smoke, the hand that holds cigarette often can hang down, the eye that meets scald child very easily, so legal proclaimed in writing prohibits this kind of behavior. If disobey, should be in fine with high specified number, detain even.
   This ability understands small good fortune, why a moment ago all round projectile the vision that come over is so sharp, so he is sinning undisguisedly.
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