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Careful video chats the bilk that buy smoke

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buy smoke

                    Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Before before long, brave of week of street and retail clientele is in Mount Taishan of area of mouth of riverside of city of Jiangsu province Nanjing as usual get online in inn, just ascended QQ, chat actively with his video with street Zhang Jun. What Zhou Yong sees only Zhang Jun and he chats in QQ video is video, do not have sound however. Zhang Jun tells him through the character, computer microphone is bad, want to look for Zhou Yong to buy 10 soft " China " , ask Zhou Yong is had. During the ability before Zhou Yong thinks the National Day concluded 20 preparation red-letter day, use, with respect to He Zhoujun online on say: "You are true happen to, my home basically is less than 5 fully at ordinary times soft ' China ' , this did not celebrate a festival to just order 20, sold 5 to still have 15. Sold 5 to still have 15.. Zhang Jun sees Zhou Yong says to there are 15 in the home soft " China " , say to be afraid that oneself handle affairs insufficient, can you take 5 more? Zhou Yong wants to who sell is to sell, sell first still can have capital have enough to meet need, say readily: "All right! 15 smoke are staying to you, you can be taken at any time. " then Zhang Jun says on QQ: "I am a bit busy now, let a friend take first, but at hand is a bit close now, wait for a thing to had done smoke money to pass a few days to send to you. " Zhou Yong thinks previously oneself also buy or sell on credit gives Zhang Jun, also can remand in time, it is oneself client originally, agreed. Passed probably half hour, a tall middleaged man is driving a car, come in week brave inn 15 " China " smoke was taken away.  Passed ten days, zhou Yong sees Zhang Jun in station station square, ask Zhang Jun: "Before you paragraph there is what happy event in time home, is the time that takes smoke in my inn repeatedly done not have? Is the time that takes smoke in my inn repeatedly done not have?? "I did not manage a wedding, do I take smoke from your inn? You can be met really joking! This paragraph of time I am outer all the time work, just come back today, this just did not get off, gave station doorway to see you. " Zhang Jun replies. Zhou Yong stays at a draught, know oneself were cheated. As we have learned, this kind of fraud is cheater passes number of QQ of other of software of QQ pilfer date and purloin of concerned video software and video data first normally, log onto QQ next, with be chatted by the name of pilfer person and retail clientele and cheating smoke. Retail clientele sees the video picture of consumer at that time, be cheater intercept actually before what video chats is video. The person that buy smoke buys smoke through QQ video, purchase many cigar especially, had better hit a phone to ask the other side acknowledges a condition first, decide to whether clinch a deal again.  

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