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The person that smoke bears to ache force is smaller

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Norwegian medicine expert considers to research conclusion is published to say on allied conference sorely in Europe, relatively at smoking person, the feeling of the person that smoke to ache more acumen, to bearing sorely force is smaller.
According to the report, norwegian scientist invites 10364 volunteers to participate in research experimentation, among them the female volunteer of 22.1% and the male volunteer of 18.8% have smoking habit, the female volunteer of additionally 38.6% and the male volunteer of 46.8% ever had smoked cigarette. Experimental result discovers, the ache of the person that smoke bears level lowest, the volunteer that ever had smoked cigarette bears sorely level is tallish, and the ache of the person that do not smoke bears capability is the strongest. This one result makes clear, use nicotine can bear to ache ability produces an effect.
Before this, a group of scientists that come from university of Scotland Deng Di ever also studied a proof, smoking and chronic ache are put in connection between disease and depressed disease.
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