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Smoking man eats what food can eduction smoke poison

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: Smoking is harmful and healthy, be smoking no matter still do not smoke, this is the consensus of publicity. But, still a lot of men like to smoke, want to drop smoke ring, also be very difficult really, they like to smoke also is to have a lot of reason, world Health Organization thinks our country is give up of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline it is good least of all to get.
   Smoking is harmful and healthy, smoking makes person blood qualitative change bad, haemal thicken, blood-vessel is sclerotic, hemal narrow, return the immune force that can reduce human body generally, it is to cause cancer, heart disease and cerebral blood-vessel are ill the main reason of disease of 3 a serious illness. Say these possibilities are a little remote to smoking personage, because smoking is of accumulate over a long period to the harm of human body, see very hard temporarily, brought about a lot of people to be in so imperceptible in oversight its seriousness and mortality.
   So we say some close, smoke to harm even if damage respiratory tract and lung the most directly, say respiratory tract problem for example, if cough, expectoration, lung is uncomfortable wait. Almost the person of each smoking is met or light or important place suffers from tracheitis or bronchitic, and lobar function is not very good.
   Actually smoking returns the enteron to us, the heart has loss, even of male friend impotent, smoking is one of main reasons. So be aimed at smoking the man that Buddhist monastic discipline does not drop and because working life needs to suck secondhand the man of smoke, can eat lung of a few embellish appropriately, discharge poisonous article.
   Above all we understand compare embellish lung, discharge poisonous food.
   The first is Lu Hui. Speak of Lu Hui, authority is not new, as a result of some closer of year of hairdressing industry arisen, aloe also became the mind of a lot of ladies love the United States to love truly. A lot of people can be in the home raise on one, not only beautiful, the moment of truth still can take hairdressing.
   Aloe also does not lose great trust really, it has enhance skin flexibility, prevent acne, fleck and furrow, moist skin, prevent the very comprehensive and powerful function such as ageing. So that a lot of people oversight its mainest effect -- diminish inflammation fights bacterium.
   Smoking is right human body respiratory tract, lobar injury, the directest expression form is inflammation, it is cough or expectoration no matter, tracheitis it may not be a bad idea, bronchitic it may not be a bad idea, or lobar function is abate it may not be a bad idea, these belong to inflammation, aloe is used here it may be said is suit the remedy to the case.
   Additional, aloe contains a lot ofa variety of vitamins, be like vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, vitamin E, a variety of amino acid that still contain human body place to need and a variety of saccharide and enzymatic kind, be lung of embellish of smoking man diminish inflammation really not 2 fine medicine.
   The harm of smoking, without number, relying on lung of embellish of a few food to discharge poison merely is far insufficient, we still need to have the food of specific aim more very much, since do not have method to avoid, that thinks method is made up for.
   Smoking has most harm of bloodcurdling letting a person, that causes cancer namely. Because selenium element is contained in human body blood, it is the microelement that prevents cancer to fight cancer to cannot be short of surely, and the selenium element content in often smoking to be able to reduce human body blood again. So, the man that often smokes can take a few for example the animal is hepatic, algal with shrimp kind the food with rich content waiting for selenium.
   Smoking man needs compensatory vitamin
   Back-to-back, smoking man this complement vitamin, because the compound in flue gas can reduce vitamin A greatly not only, vitamin B, vitamin C, the active of the vitamin such as vitamin E, still can use up the vitamin inside human body in great quantities. Accordingly, the man of smoking should eat a few food that contain a lot ofa vitamin more, for instance carrot, milk, bean sprouts, chinese cabbage, beautiful survival has fresh fruit to wait, the vitamin that because smoking place is caused,can complement not only so is lacked, still can enhance oneself immunity power.
Smoking man drinks tea more
   Slant to a few ages big, for the man with smoke longer age, blood sugar is tall, cerebral blood-vessel disease is hanged in the Li Jian of the top of head namely, fall down likely at any time. Drinking tea at that time is a very good choice, the OK and effective ground such as because tea is medium peculiar catechu element prevents cholesterol to be in hemal wall deposit, still can enhance gastric bowel peristalsis to reduce blood, uric candy. So we often can see a lot of in teacup of skill of smoke of skill of senile smoking man, this is smoking man a method of very good preserve one's health.
   Not only such, often drink tea to break out besides a few diseases that can reduce smoking place to bring about, return at the same time can diuresis, the platoon is poisonous, a few toxic substance in allowing smoke follow uric fluid eduction, reduce toxic substance the retention period inside human body. The clear cigarette that for instance I finish a page to recommend discharges poisonous tea to discharge poisonous effect with respect to lung having profit.
Smoking man should take more fall the food of cholesterol, for instance milk, fish, vegetable, fruit and food of a few tall fiber.
   To the man of a lot of smoking, smoking is not what important matter, buddhist monastic discipline does not drop smoke also it doesn't matter is alarming, the problem depends on, the harm Buddhist monastic discipline that knows smoking obviously does not drop smoke, do not think method goes reducing these harm however.
   We are to like to smoke, we are Buddhist monastic discipline does not drop smoke, it is addiction not just, need to think because of us more, need decompression. So, we drink tea, we eat a medicinal food, we also want as far as possible health. But, as the doctor, I still want to tell you, had better not smoke.
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