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Medicine makes clear think unripe male baby is needed first smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline

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Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: China has an adage to be called " acerbity hot female " , although not be very scientific, the effect that also gives flavour of sex of pregnant woman food to be fastened to fetal sex from report of a flank however. According to latest issue of " scientific American " magazine story, american close Su Li - the researcher of Colombian university discovers on experimental mice body, the candy in food and the adipose sexual distinction with fetal to mice content have very big effect. Food is low candy tall adipose mice mom, unripe " the boy " the amount is " the girl " 2 times.

So, is the experimental result of mice can confirm go up at human body? Nanjing city combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine Sun Jianping of director of hospital department of gynaecology and obstetrics says, from the point of clinical data statistic, tall fat puerperas give birth to a schoolboy to compare a row femaly to have a difference hardly. Notable is, pregnant woman should notice instead tall adipose harm. Adipose and original it is one of nutrition that pregnant woman should note retake to take, to assure fetal demand, pregnant woman answer everyday from cooking oil, animal flesh, in waiting for food, the fish absorbs gram of fatty acid 11-12. But, adipose not be more absolutely better. If pregnant woman has eaten much fast adipose food, not only go against fetal the normal growth of body of gland of head issueing grave, and the action that carries endocrine likely, increase risk of cancered of female reproduction organ. To this, still the expert offerred new view: Calculate woman cancer occurence rate, what will eat to concern with her woman not only, and the food during still be pregnant with the patient's mother is concerned. Accordingly, proposal female friends had better not absorb fast adipose food too much during be pregnant.  

Nanjing combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine doctor of institutional secretary-general Chairman Leng Lili says, science considers to make clear, the spermatozoon that carries the chromosome that decides unripe boy suffers the effect of cigarette more easily. The carries Y chromosome spermatozoon head that decides unripe boy is lesser, the tail is longer, move about is fast, but acid-proof force is poor and easy be died even by the harm of smoke poison, and the carries X chromosome spermatozoon that decides unripe girl, the head is bigger, the tail is shorter, the action is more sluggish, acid-proof sex is strong and poisonous to smoke sensitivity is inferior, be harmed not easily. Below normal circumstance, the birthrate of male baby is a few taller than female baby summary, but the surviving rate of male baby is inferior, final result is those who hold the male and female number is roughly equal. Additional, smoking affects what fetal male female fastens to compare not only, more serious is to smoke to having immediate effect to fetal health, smoke poison can injure spermatozoon directly, ovum and oosperm, cause the heighten of fetal deformation and mortality, affect prepotent actor Yo, smoking still can cause spermatozoon activity force to drop, cause not the happening with infecund Yo, this also is one of main reasons that the influence bears.

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