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The ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade of 3 pairs of couples speaks

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3 women are in here chat, 3 men smoke there, this is the party that belongs to 3 pairs of couples.
"I most be fed up with man smoking. "I most be fed up with man smoking..

"I also am, smell their smoke flavour, I am suffocative come. I am suffocative come..

"Why we do not check them? " somebody issues proposal of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade.

Ms. A takes the lead in standing up, she goes quarrelsomely, the smoke that should send A Jun Zheng to the side of the mouth is seized forcibly, firm firm falls the ground, reoccupy foot walks suddenly, resemble be in hit a local tyrant.

She challenges loudly: "Why if you always do not listen to me, how are you our woman consider? " Mr A hold back became red face, want fit, but do not have eventually, he feels a cigarette case from trouser pocket, slowly take out a smoke, leisurely ground says: "Our smoking is happy, why are you our man consider? Why are you our man consider??

"You look, this is marriage! " Ms. A Sha feather and after returning, ground of in a huff says to the brethren. Her chest is acuteness rising and fall, in her eye, the men and women in marriage is fighting.

Ms. B saddened laughs: "I am essential now without giving thought to he. " Ms. A asks amazedly: " you such by move he? " helpless shrug says Ms. B: "Just began, I also am in charge of him so like you, can result how? Male people knows proper motion only its thing, this is a man. " Ms. B behaves aplomb first and last, she has experienced countless wars already, now her decision is -- exit.

When exhaust bears Mr C then smoke, ms. C stands up eventually, face there go by, fu said a few in the side side of her man, utterance is punch-drunk, but listen reach that is be angry of a kind of charming. Light tone response says Mr C: "Good good, this is last, saw a friend today I am glad, you will buckle me tomorrow. You will buckle me tomorrow..

"Will buckle tomorrow? There still is an agreement between you. " additional two people ask. Ms. C is laughing to say: "Our come to an agreement or understanding, he smokes 5 one day only. " say, she pours water. Ms. A says to Ms. B in a low voice: "Resemble her such soft heart, what should have a man sooner or later is deficient. " Ms. B says: "Too patient man is indulgent they, I see her so babyish that resemble a child. I see her so babyish that resemble a child..

Ms. C comes back to beautiful laugh ask: "What were you a moment ago saying? " " oh, it doesn't matter, anyway I am not to allow what I smoke that, is seeing an end he wins or I win? " Ms. A says sturdily. Ms. B says: "To moment you have the share that lose only, you can become my model sooner or later. You can become my model sooner or later..

Mr ABC3 still is discussing the issue of middle east, aerosol still is diffusing, nevertheless, mr C had not touched cigarette again, he knows, he and she has an agreement, saying with its is an agreement, still be inferior to saying is mutual compromise, the bottom line that compromise can accept to both sides, probably, this is marriage.

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