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Driver how is smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline the most effective?

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   Dispatch of Chinese smoking net: 1, refuse smoking appliance, such as lighter, ashtray, cigarette, reduce your conditional reflex, when a craving for tobacco comes, want to do deep breathing activity instantly.
   2, avoid to participate in the place that is used to smoking as one used to do or activity. Tell others you already smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, do not give you cigarette, also do not smoke before you.
   3, prepare a few can the snacks of grind one's teeth, for example, melon seeds, walnut, earthnut. Small snacks needs to decorticate, can take up your time, offset thereby smoking is actuation, but also cannot eat too much, can cause blood sugar to lift otherwise, the body is too fat. Chew the chewing gum that divides without candy is right choice.
   4, drink what a few fruit juice can help give up nicotine to become addiction more in initial stage of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. Eat hind drinks water, eat a fruit or take a walk, cast off the idea of a smoke after the meal.
   5, write down the reason of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline that you think, be like the health for oneself, for family consider, wait a moment for be economical, carry, can take when your a craving for tobacco made admonish oneself.
   6, with the product that contains minim nicotine, be like chewing gum, rhinal sparge agent or the plaster that are stuck on the skin, will alleviate in process of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline irritable, insomnia, the acuteness symptom such as angst.
   7, smoke of a give up plans formulate, reduce the amount that oneself smoke everyday. Home page of crowd preserve one's health / the male / have car a group of things with common features / office worker / children / female / pregnant puerpera / in senile / computer a group of things with common features
   8, orchestrate activity of a few sports, if swim, ran, fishing. Alleviate mental insecurity and pressure, avoid to spend more thought to be on smoking.
   9, was asleep, whats did not think. Morpheus when, can choose to put packet of orange skin that rise beside his pillow, have the effect that sleep peacefully.
   10, when wanting to smoke, give him bubble a cup of strong tea, drink go down, good result reachs since the meeting.
   11, it is OK to look for simulative means will smoke, for example, can put the pen into the mouth in, should be the process that smoking.
   12, prescind force, can play game, see a movie, watch TV, or hear music, can move away your attention from smoking.
   The driver drives smoking harm is great, hope everybody can think oneself health, be determined sturdily, defeat a craving for tobacco!
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