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Had you tried ways of these smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline?

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: What does the method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline have? Do you know how many cigarette you smoke at ordinary times? Does the body that you know to it endangers you have how old? For the body we should be far from smoking! This ability is the most important! Want to have sanitarian consciousness to oneself body! See the method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline so?
   The method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline
   1. Seek associated power
   Nurse in a medical treatment below the help of professional orgnaization, a few families and their kin friend comprises a group to rise jointly. Of this kind of method carry out undertake below the guidance in the professional orgnaization that has experience merely.
   2. Special keep an eye on
   Tell you domestic member very the drinking problem that is he or her is afraid. Use when necessary some example, a few episode that include newest happening.
   3. Do not rise all wine Tibet
   Domestic member often looks for some of excuse to try to hide wine avoid family excessive drinking. Do not want such doing, want to make them personal experience the undesirable consequence that causes to excessive drinking.
   4. Arouse friend
   If domestic member still rejects to obtain a help, let a friend use afore-mentioned conversational means and he or her to talk. Just the friend of conquer excessive drinking probably very convincing, but any having sympathize with heart and amiable person likelihood conduce. More than a person, more than go and chat, normally very be necessary, can make sot seeks a help of one's own accord gradually.
   5. Tell about a result
   If he or she did not seek abstinence help,explain to the person that drink, how can you do-----Not be to blame, should carry out some of measure to avoid to appear however he or her problem, reject to attend a few society activities that offer alcohol for instance, walk out of a door to be far from alcohol. Do not do some of good without the consideration ultra deed.
   The method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline has a lot of, see which kinds suit you! This ability is important! Holding to ability is a victory! Smoke casts off body types or forms of literature thoroughly the meeting is healthy abstruse! Sanitarian effect also is achieved! The method of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline can let you be far from the bad habit of smoking!


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