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Smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline is newest method: Eliminate nicotine to depend on

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   Dispatch of net of smoke of Chinese give up: Group of task of the 6th hospital Professor Liu Lin found Beijing University to eliminate the new method of a craving for tobacco recently, hopeful captures nicotine depends on reason waiting for disease to remember problem of relevant spirit psychology not to have method of long-term and effective treatment this one medicine and social difficult problem.
" does American cure learn a magazine? Psycho " (JAMA   Psychiatry) the magazine published Liu Lin to teach task group title to be on Feburary 1 " the influence that memory longs for to nicotine psychology related the nicotine that particularity of Luo Er of applied general naphthalene restrains activation " research paper, intercurrent watch comments on an article " use behavior learns and award of abate pathology sex recalls pharmacological strategy: A kind of new cure measure that sends ill mechanism into addiction core in the light of smoking " , the traditional point of view that the series of group of land forest task studied to change pathology sex to once form achievement is eliminated hard,be remembered into addiction, found the remedial method that eliminates material to become mechanism of addiction core pathology, it is the mark sex that the matter that becomes addiction etc to remedial smoking strides into addiction one pace.
According to Introduction Liu Lin, tobacco becomes addiction and dependent essence is nicotine is depended on, it is disease of sex of a kind of chronic tall recrudesce. Nicotine can bring about the nerve access of cerebrum to produce plasticity change, form intense and abiding nicotine to become addiction memory, make nicotine relier is put in smoking desire continuously, this kind of desire can weaken the determination that destroys smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline even. Accordingly, the ill reason that eliminates nicotine relier becomes addiction to remember, reducing psychology to long for is the key with successful smoke of clinical give up.
As we have learned, this one research realized driven content research successfully to be changed to the achievement of clinical trial, remember the discovery in the model into addiction in animal nicotine above all, after using small dose nicotine to arouse addiction to remember as blame condition sexual excitement, consolidating Er of general naphthalene the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces gives to be able to eliminate all nicotine of the animal effectively be remembered into addiction inside time window again. Addiction is become in smoking consider to discover further in the crowd, give blame condition sexual excitement (it is the nicotine that airframe enters after smoking pointing to a person) hind, consolidating Er of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of naphthalene of general of the profess to convinced inside time window can eliminate the memory related smoking again, reduce the psychology that clew causes related a variety of smoking to long for.
This one research is Liu Lin task group is leading period the significant gain that place explores to obtain deep on the foundation that series studies. Group of land forest task was in respectively 2015 at was being mixed 2012 " science " and " natural newsletter " the magazine publishs a paper, put forward conditional sex clew to memory is aroused and be not memory of conditional sex clew to arouse early or late -- subsidise is psychological Fan Shi, discover memory operates Fan Shike eliminates strong interest animal and the memory becoming addiction of the person that become addiction, reduce its to be reached to becoming the psychology of addiction sex medicaments to long for answer suction risk. These research achievement also are travelled together to be mixed in model of the other animal that become addiction by international in succession repeat in addiction crowd and test and verify.
Place of psychology of Chinese Academy of Sciences teachs Sui Na to think, the discovery of group of task of Professor Liu Lin is had initiate sexual meaning, the clinical cure that accumulates smoking crowd for bedding face provided substantial scientific evidence.
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